After 20 years, Ajay Devgan will take a bombshell entry in Part 2 of this hit film, big news!


    Ajay Devgan’s release, released 20 years ago, is going to be a sequel. We are talking about Ajay Devgan, Neha, Arshad Warsi and Mayuri Congo starrer ‘Hai Pyar Ki Jeet’. Planning to make Part 2 of this movie is going on. According to the information, the story of part 2 of this romantic drama film is being written. Let us tell you that this film was released 20 years ago by Anil Sharma. He is working on the story of the sequel of this movie these days. It is believed that the work of the story is almost on the verge of ending. Very soon it will start work on its casting.

    According to media reports, this movie is going to be a multi starrer this time too. The makers of the film want to cast Rajkumar Rao in the main role in this sequel. However, the prince’s name has not been finalized yet. Not only this, it is also news that Ajay Devgan can also be a part of the film.

    Significantly, the film was released in 1999. Song of the film was a hit. The film also did well. Well you would be surprised to know that Ajay Devgn was not the first choice for the film. Before this, the film went to Aamir Khan. But the matter did not get frozen. In the end, this film came into Ajay Devgan’s account. Nonetheless, here’s the unseen pictures of Ajay Devgan of 90, which is very fun ..


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