Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Telugu Full Movie Review


Director Harish Shankar failed to achieve the desired result with Duvvada Jagannatham .. This time Tamil Veteran movie based on the Tamil cult movie Jigar Thanda. In Tamil, Bobby Simha has chosen Varun for his role as villain. A few hours before its release, Gadalakonda was renamed as Ganesh..Let ‘s go to theaters this morning.

Cast: Varun Tej – Adharva Murali – Pooja Hegde – Mrinalini Ravi – Brahmaji
Music: Mickey Jay Meyer
Photography: ionic Bose
Story: Karthik Subbaraj
Additional Dialogues: Mithun Chaitanya – Madhu Srinivas
Producers: Ram Achanta – Gopinath Achanta
WritingDirected by: Harish Shankar

Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Telugu Full Movie story:

Abhilash (Adharva Murali) is a boy who dreams of becoming a director. He meets producers with a variety of stories. But nothing works. A gangster story but a filmmaker says he is ready to make a film. According to this, he is informed of Ganesh (Varun Tej), a goonda in a village called Gadalakonda on the Andhra-Telangana border. He goes to that place and begins to inquire about Ganesh. Balamurali .. All of a sudden, Ganesh gets caught in the trap. Then Ganesh .. What did Balamurali say to escape from him.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Telugu Full Movie Article Analysis:

A very new story, in which the character of a villain who is known as ‘Wow’. Bobby Simha’s villain role is highlighted beyond the story. When Jiger wants to remake the father .. Anyone who wants to take on the role of villain Bobby Simhan. But choosing one hero over another for that role is Harish Shankar’s adventure. He didn’t stop at all. He changed the tone of the character in Telugu compared to Tamil. Getup acting gestures .. He changed everything.

Azalee Harish pulls out a flap. He has now touched a classic. It is no ordinary adventure to do so in the role of the main attraction of the matrix. So these changes he made with a conviction were not in vain. If you take on the role of Bobby Simha – Bobby Simhane in it, Telugu audiences will know how to accept Valmiki’s .. Harish has given his own touch. It was the role of the film that made the audience unstoppable. It is not surprising that those who saw the matrix missed the class – the classic touch in Telugu. But there is no doubt that Valmiki is a lesser entertainer for our audience.

No matter what the storyline is, it is very rare that the audience connects with one character, forgetting the rest and engaging with the film. Jai’s role in the movie Jai Lavakushalalalavam come next. Ganesh Character in the Valmiki’s Growth engages the audience. Varun Tej, who has done many slow and delicate roles in his career, appears to be a very loud character.

Director Harish Shankar succeeded in keeping the audience interested every time the character appeared on screen. The audience connects with Ganesh’s character in the introductory scene. Varun’s dialogues in the Telangana slang without any hesitation. After the first scene of Ganesh’s appearance, the other two scenes of his brutality seem a little repetitive. But then the way the character is turned is impressive. Interval episode .. excitement in the audience.

In the second half, Valmiki’s story goes far beyond the audience’s expectations. Those who are familiar with the matrix will definitely feel new in the second half. The curious turn of events around the film is interesting. The flashback episode seems to be the most common. So the song .. The flashback episode ending is impressive. The role of the hero’s mother is preferred here compared to Tamil .. Sentimental connection is good. Harish used her character nicely for the end of the film. Harish has also developed a good deal of emotion through the role of Tanikella Bharani.

Valkyrie’s telephone near Prima Climax is a little misunderstood, but there is confusion. Speed ​​also decreases. But the end is pleasing. The climax of the Tamil version feels better by using Amma’s role properly. Sukumar at the end .. Nitin’s cameos were useful. In the beginning, the middle of the time, if the Valmiki is missing some groove. Harish’s mass touch to the class story taken from Tamil made us feel comfortable with our audience. They may be disappointed with the matrix, but .. Usually looking at the Valmiki.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Telugu Full Movie Starring:

Varun Tej has made some strides as an actor. There is no doubt that it will remain one of the most significant roles of his career. Harish for choosing Varun for this role .. Varun must be congratulated for accepting this role. Both of them hit the mark with this idea. Varun Look – Menarisms – Body Language – Dialogue Delivery has come to fruition. Varun was impressed with the acting so far .. For the first time, he appeared in a very loud role.

He pushed the rest of the characters in the film to dominate the screen. Adharva Murali did as well as he could … Pooja Hegde appeared and entertained her for a while. Pooja shines in the song of Elluvocchi Godaramma. Ravi did not mind. Brahmaji smiled at Balega as a role model for the rowdy batch. Chintamalli Sathya Comedy also entertains. Enemy – Jabardast Ravi – The rest of the cast is okay.

Gaddalakonda Ganesh (Valmiki) Telugu Full Movie:

Composer Mickey Jay Meyer showed a new perspective on the Valmiki. Class Touch Songs – Named for Background Music. Waka Waka .. Mass beats like jarrazarra are impressive. Mickey changed a lot of background music. He proved that he could give goose bumps background music to mass movies. The ionic bos photography is impressive. His camera was instrumental in bringing a rich look to the film. 14 reels plus banner construction values ​​are good.

Director Harish Shankar once again showed his skill in making the remake. The mass touch he gave to Jigar Thandave may not be for everyone’s pleasure, but he has succeeded in bringing the film to what appears to be a very classy mass. The Harish mark appears in the dialog. Believing in life. Dialogs like a telephone number are impressive once again. Though the story is tight in the face of the story .. He is the most popular man in the film.

Finally: Valmiki .. Mass Lightning in the Class Story

Rating- 2.75 / 5


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