Jersey Telugu Full Movie Review


    ‘Jersey’, featuring Nani ahead of the pack, hit the screens this Friday. Here is our audit of the cricket based family show.


    Arjun (Nani) is a hitched man driving an existence of despairing. His significant other Sara (Shraddha Srinath) and his child Nani are his reality. On the off chance that Sara is discontent with his separated conduct and lack of engagement in resuscitating his position at a sustenance company, his child cherishes him genuinely. This is set in 1996.

    Only ten years back, Arjun was a rising cricketing champ. His profession finished suddenly and he needed to surrender cricket inside and out.

    In the present (1996), Arjun gets a chance to give a took shots at worldwide cricket. Would he be able to accomplish the close inconceivable dream at 36 years old? Would he be able to win back the regard of his perfect partner Sara? What of his child, who sees a legend in him? Answers to these inquiries are found in the subsequent half.


    Essayist chief Gowtam Tinnanuri really stretches the limits by and by after the wonderful ‘Malli Raava’. He isn’t anxious about despairing. His saints can be miserable yet significant. His characters think like common humans, yet one of them is unprecedented in an unmistakable manner.

    ‘Jersey’ is the film Telugu film unquestionably merited. From white collar class ‘kashtalu’ (budgetary, particularly) to the tensions of a dad, the film is deeply layered.

    The exchanges draw out the considering characters who have traveled together for a long time. They adore each other , however not all things are alright between them. There are semi-broken dreams, however it’s their conditions that cause us to feel for them, it’s their frames of mind that make us pull for them.

    Simply picture this. The youngster approaches his dad for a shirt that costs Rs 500. Unexpectedly, it turns into a Herculean errand for the dad. In the long run, he is pulled toward an impossible situation. Maybe, this plot makes ‘Jersey’ an endeavor worth a zillion praise.

    In scene after scene, Nani keeps a deliberate, limited articulation. The on-screen character assumes a lower priority and pushes the non entertainer in him to the pitch (play on words proposed). Did she slap him? Did the champion slap him? Did the spouse slap him? Indeed, however we were occupied with viewing Arjun and Sara, not knowing who we ought to relate to more .

    He is that spouse who applies treatment on the finger of his better half. She is helped to remember the former times when the power of their adoration appeared as affection making.

    Their kid carries on as though he is 20-something to a great extent. However, it barely looks counterfeit. Maybe Arjun’s child must be that way. Discuss qualities. Discuss childhood.

    The cricket coordinate scenes accompany sensible enumerating. Now and again, the film appears as an honest to goodness sports show. Not exclusively are the matches drawn out yet additionally there are discussions between authorities, and so forth. Sathyaraj plays that well-wisher who sees an uncommon, unrecognized ability in Arjun, pushing him to assume responsibility for his life.

    The family scenes are delicate and compelling. Watch the job inversion of sorts. The father deals with everything relating to his child. That makes him even more adorable. Sara gobbles her agony and sets up a valiant front. “At home, we never yell at one another. It’s just I who yells. It’s just I who sobs,” she advises her Taj Banjara partner.

    The splendid ambient melodies makes Anirudh an exceptional ability. There is stylization all over. The tunes don’t I intrude. The cinematography is another top entertainer, on a standard with the music.

    Other than Nani’s wonderful, sincere, awful execution, different exhibitions are a treat. Shraddha and Sathyaraj are capable. The tyke craftsman is a lovely shock. Rao Ramesh, Praveen and others fit the bill.


    ‘Jersey’ is a shocking portrayal with contacting scenes, legitimate interpretation of discourse, adept exhibitions, and sound specialized qualities. An absolute necessity watch film for setting out to appear as something else. Cricket sweethearts just as family crowds will appreciate the fixings


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