Ruler Telugu Full Movie Review


At the point when you watch a Balakrishna film, you should desert rationale. Take for example, there is a fire behind a man, and he’s bringing somebody via telephone. On being inquired as to whether he’s calling a fire motor, he says “No, I am calling the fire.” Needless to state Balakrishna is the fire here.

His thrill seeker stunts need no notice; In the start of the film, he spares a young lady who bounces to end it all and he shows up from no place and holds her while she hangs unstably.

Ruler is an absolute mass motion picture, it has a fascinating first half. Balakrishna, as a truly harmed Dharma is spared by a rich lady Sarojini Naidu (Jayasudha). In the following scene, the two of them are in the ICU. Somebody has arranged her demise too in the ICU; Dharma hauls out his ventilator and puts it over her as she pants for breath. Hop to the following scene, she has embraced him without his insight (he endures memory misfortune) and in appreciation she makes him the CEO of her organizations and gets him another name Arjun Prasad.

In the mean time, Sonal Chauhan as Harika employs a few programmers to upstage Arjun Prasad. After some characterless diversion, she succumbs to him yet he just thinks about her as a companion. Sarojini Naidu fixes their commitment however it is the ideal opportunity for a break and to look at Balakrishna doesn’t frustrate his fans Balakrishna’s next symbol (streak back). He is Dharma, a cop who disappears from Uttar Pradesh. To know the association between Arjun Prasad and Dharma, one needs to watch the film and furthermore discover why Uttar Pradesh is where the activity is set. Vedhika returns after quite a while to act in a superior job.

The remainder of the entertainers loan capable help to this superannuated content. This film is only beyond words Balakrishna fans, they will like him in any structure and styling and he for sure attempted to appear to be unique. He shows a similar soul in real life scenes that he did ages back. Till a bit of the subsequent a large portion of, the story keeps us connected however after that it gets inconceivable with nothing to pull for. The legend gets raised at each level and it turns into a story of brave endeavors and that’s it. The individuals who like the saint’s moves, battles and exchanges and need to have some good times can without a doubt watch this motion picture. The rest can maintain a strategic distance from it.


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