To learn all the keyboard shortcuts, read this article.


A lot of people use the keyboard, but fewer people use the keyboard accurately and completely. If you are one of those people then you must read this article. In this article, we are going to tell you some special tips and tricks on the keyboard and shortcuts, after knowing that many of your work will be easy.

There are a lot of users using computer that use most of the mouse to do their job, in which they have to follow a long process for almost every task. Apart from this, many people type on the keyboard and during that time they do not like to remove their hand from the keyboard for any work. After reading this article you will not need to remove the hand from the keyboard. Let’s start.

1. Backspace & Delete

Many users are confused about these two buttons. Most users think the work of both buttons is the same, but it is not. There is a small difference between these two. If you press Backspace by typing a word, the letters will be deleted from the right side, but if you press Delete then the letters will be deleted from the left side. Apart from this, Delete is also used for deleting a file, document, pictures, video.

2. Alt + TAB

Let us tell the users who do not know about this, that Alt + TAB is used to switch the computer running on a computer or a laptop. If you have multiple programs in your computer such as Chorme, incognito, Paint, and you have to go to another program, then you will move to another program by pressing ALT + TAB.

3. Alt + F4 and Enter

If you press the Enter key by pressing Enter Alt + F4, your computer will shut down directly. Most users go to the option of shutting down the computer to shut down the computer, then turn off your computer but if you want to do it directly through your keyboard press Enter with Alt + F4 then your computer is off Will go. These shortcuts are for both computers and laptops.

4. Alt + F4

You can click on the cross at the top right corner with your mouse to close any program on your computer. AGP If you want to do it directly through your keyboard, then press Alt + F4 and your current program will be closed directly. With this shortcut your browser will shut down directly and you will not even need to touch the mouse.


Only a few people know about this keyboard shortcut, but this is a very important shortcut. If you press WINDOW + D with your keyboard, the number of windows on your computer will be automatically minimized and the desktop will open. After that if you press WINDOW + D again then you will come back to the window. You do not have to use the mouse to go to the direct desktop.

6. Ctrl + Click

If you are working on a webpage on Chrome and you see a link there that you want to open in a new tab, you can right click with the mouse and click on Open in new tab but you can also use it directly from the keyboard. You can In addition to right-clicking the mouse to open any new thing, click the link directly with the Ctrl that you want to open in a new window or tab.

7. Ctrl + Alt + Delete

This shortcut is used to open the Task Manager. This shortcut should be used exclusively when a software hangs in your computer or your computer is hanging or there is no action on your PC. In this case, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Delete from your keyboard, after which the task manager will be open. You can then turn it off by right-clicking on any software that is hanging on it.

Some special shortcuts

  • Ctrl + J – To open downloaded files, press.
  • Ctrl + D – Ctrl + Shift + N – To open any webpage .
  • bookmark Ctrl + Shift + t – Most tabs closed in the last tab
  • Ctrl + Z – (Undo) to re-open any last deleted work
  • Ctrl + Y – (Redo) This shortcut is inverted


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